Industries Served

While we think our approach and tools can improve the operations of any organization, we want to list verticals that we've had recent successes.


Non-Profit & NGO

Does your organization have a process or pipeline to serve or engage with a constituency or membership? Do you email your members or have different events and activities to interact with them? We can help you use your data to increase your engagement, and to let you understand the most important factors that drive the actions of your target members.


Email Marketing & Marketing Analytics

We provide various tools and solutions to help you understand and predict your customer behavior at the macro and personal level. Segmentation and Clustering will help you to understand or gather new insights about the major divisions of your customers. Predictive models and recommendation engines will provide foresight into customer behavior. Finally text and facial sentiment analysis will give you an understanding of how your customers react to your brand, customer experience, or product.


Operations & Supply Chain

Whether you ship widgets or SaaS, Oxygen AI can use your operational data to help you to optimize your key performance metrics. Statistical and Deep Learning forecasting can help you foresee sales, demand, cost and pricing. Simulations and optimizations can show you how to plan for stockouts, excess inventory, and demand fluctuations.


Local & Small Government

Do you have a lot of Open Data, but don't know what to do with it? We can help you to create relevant analyses and visualizations. We also specialize in creating chatbot solutions to put all of your data in the hands of constituents via texting or voice requests.