Services + Pricing


AI Assessment

FREE — We let you know if your organization can take advantage of machine learning or AI by examining your data assets, relevant processes,  and your goals for AI.  If there are gaps to execution, we identify them and provide direction on how to close them. Typically a 30 minute call can provide the necessary information to build the report.

Deliverable: a report in word or powerpoint format.


$200/hr — We provide consulting taking advantage of machine learning, big data, deep learning toolsets. We can execute a project and establish a data pipeline from beginning to end, or just one part.

Outputs of typical projects are analytical reports, machine learning models, packaged code, and/or interactive dashboards using your data pipeline. Our core objective is to provide actionable insights and results that can be directly used in your operations.

We typically deliver the code for such projects in a private github repository or docker containers.


Since data and data sources are dynamic, some projects or products require ongoing maintenance, hosting and/or support. We can provide this for monthly retainers based on your needs.


Data Cleaning & Featurization

$1000 (< 200 features)  — Convert your raw data into a format that can be used by an AI model or input into a data pipeline. For tabular data only.

Deliverable: The cleaned data with the code that produced it, and instructions needed to replicate the process. Placed on a private Github repository

Data Tagging and Annotation

Priced depending on dataset size — For images and NLP data, we provide data collection, tagging of data with labels, and image annotation for model training.

Interactive Data dashboards

$2500 — Descriptive Insights: Get an aesthetic, informative visualizations hosted in an interface you and your staff can securely log into.

$5000 — Prescriptive Insights: Get the same dashboard as above, with additional charts and indicators driven by explainable machine learning.

Deliverable: a protected dashboard website, hosted by Oxygen AI, or on your own servers.

Automated Data Scraper

$2500 — An automated, customized data scraper pulling from a website or APIs. For additional monthly fees, we can host and support your scraper, ensuring your pipeline stays up, even if the source website changes.