Real-World Chatbots: Use Cases For Growth

Enterprise Chatbot adoption has already reached a mad rush. Slack, a cloud-based interoffice team collaboration platform, just invested $80 million in Chatbots. According to a survey by Oracle, 80% of enterprise business will adopt Chatbots by 2020. Gartner predicts, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships with the enterprise without interacting with a human.

Following large enterprise’s lead, the adoption of chatbots in SMBs (Small and Medium Business) is ramping up. Since Facebook launched their support for chatbots on Messenger, the floodgates have opened for SMB.

Chatbots are basically the “human-like interactive apps” residing in messaging apps, live chat, email, text messaging, and websites.

Here are 4 real-world killer use cases across industries. These use cases demonstrate why chatbots are set to be the key tool for business development and growth.

Customer Service

Chatbots are replacing slower contact methods such as emails and phone calls. These contact methods are driven by humans which can consume a lot of resources.

Chatbots can offer concise answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and transfer the conversation to a live phone call for further assistance. Not only do they save resources but also provide instant services. They will help to eliminate customers’ frustration of flipping through FAQ pages, navigating phone menus, waiting for e-mails, or being putting on hold over the phone.

Customer service use cases can be applied in pretty much any industry. One of the most common examples is for real estate. Chatbots can identify the requirements for both buyers or sellers, search the MLS for matching results, and return information or active listings with photos, right in the messenger chat interface. Similarly, insurance agent chatbots can respond to a client’s questions regarding their policy anytime anywhere.

Scheduling Appointment or Managing Reservation

Scheduling meetings or appointments can be easily done by understanding what customers need and their availabilities in plain language.

Embedding Chatbots with calendars and scheduling functionality can improve the efficiency of booking appointments. It can also help collect useful data ahead of the time to assign the appropriate resources for the appointment or meeting. Over time, the scheduling preferences of your clients can be learned, allowing the chatbot to give suggested times the client will prefer.

Application or Legal Paper preparation  

Filling out forms and applications could be confusing for customers or users who are not familiar with the system. We all have had painful experiences trying to find out which forms to fill and how to fill them out. These can be government forms, tax, mortgage, insurance claim, education applications or legal documents.

Chatbots can solve this use case easily by asking a series of questions and completing the forms or applications painlessly. Users can then pay to print or download the completed documents and forms.

Driving Revenue - Upsell, Cross-Sell & Promotion     

In my previous article, I mentioned that messaging app usage have suppressed social network usage. Users around the world are logging in to messaging apps to not only chat with friends but also to connect with businesses and look for content.

With chatbots, it is much easier to connect with your target audience and start proactive revenue-driving conversations: to remind them to renew the contract before it is expired, to cross-sell or upsell during the promotion, or inform them they’re eligible for plan upgrades.

Chatbots are real and happening right now. It is not hard to find chatbot success stories to help real estate agents, insurance agents, individual financial planners and law firms to grow their business.  

If you are an SMB or self-employed individual, you should seriously consider leveraging chatbots or AI to automate some of your work. Waiting to long can run the risk of being left behind by competitors. Chatbots are the most cost effective and efficient assistant. Let Chatbots help you focus on your core competencies by taking on repetitive and mundane tasks.

By Jaz Lin

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