Why Chatbots are such a big deal to your Small Business or Practice

If you pay enough attention to technology trends, it is not hard to see Chatbots are front and center in the market right now.

Enterprises will continue to invest in virtual assistants and Chatbots in 2017 as they seek for timely customer service and operational efficiency. However, Chatbots will play an even more crucial role for self-employed individuals or small businesses.

You are probably wondering “Chatbots just look like simple text based services. So, what’s the big deal?” and “Why should independent or small businesses spend money on this technology?”

The key is that people are using messenger apps more than they are using social networks or website. Based on statista, the total number of mobile phone messaging app users worldwide will be 2.01 billion in 2018 and that number will continue to grow tremendously at least till 2021.  

Self-employed individuals or small businesses are trying to perform all of the same functions as large businesses but with fewer people. These businesses are often stretched incredibly thin.  For small businesses, reaching the right target audience and providing timely responses with less resources could be crucial to success. The most common use cases for ChatBots are answering basic questions, booking appointments, recording prospects’ contact information, searching data based on customer criteria, preparing quotations, or even simply transferring the customer to a live agent. These tasks can be easily handled by Chatbots seamlessly without adding more resources or expense.

Self-employment is definitely the latest trend in the business world, with more than seven out of 10 SMB business owners looking to grow their own business rather than returning to traditional employment, according to a survey by FreshBooks. There are more and more tools coming out each day to help individuals to conduct business more efficiently. Among them, Chatbots could be the most important tool to help grow the businesses.

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       Author: Jaz Lin 

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