AI and Machine Learning for Small and Medium Business Needs

We help businesses of any size to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

We have 2 Practices:



We build 24x 7 smart chatbots for Customer service and support, appointment scheduling, information inquires (FAQ), lead generation, and sales generation.



Give us your data, and we can provide relevant and actionable insights that your business can use. We apply statistics, machine learning or deep learning.

What can a ChatBot do for you ?

Customer Service & Support 

  • Product and Service introduction
  • Provide timely information and reply to FAQs
  • Obtain quotes information 
  • Promotional Information inquiry
  • Username/Password recovery


Real estate and Insurance Agent   

  • Qualify Buyer and sellers' needs 24x7
  • Transfer to live conversation anytime.
  • MLS searching for customers.
  • Appointment booking
  • Estimate home value
  • Recording Conversation
  • Obtain prospects contact info

Professional Service Matching 

  • Trigger conversation to gather basic info
  • Filter requests and forward cases to the right POC
  • Gather Contact info anytime anywhere 
  • Coordinate between multiple users


What can Data Analysis Solutions do for you? 

Leads Generation for sales Pipeline

  • Leads generation to feed a growing sales team.
  • Using the machine learning to figure out the right leads and avoid burning resource on unqualified information.

Revenue Enhancement

  • Where to place the limited budget to drive the growth of your business.
  • Which segment of the market will help drive the best ROI? How much time you should anticipate for the result?
  • We help our customer build a data-driven marketing & sales strategy powered by AI. It helps you to weed out the noise and focus on the right market with the right strategy.

Why us

A dedicate team to tailor the solution for you and your business  

  • Cost Effective – Pay only for what you need
  • Customized – Fully customized solution for your requirements
  • Time Saving – Maximize your time to grow your business rather than researching technology
  • Business Growth – Never miss any prospects. Spending time on quality leads
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