8:30 AM08:30

GIS, Data Science & Python @ MinneWebCon


GIS, Data Science & Python – Using python modules to explore and evaluate information and data with a geographical component. Basic GIS and machine learning modules will be introduced and applied to a geographical problem using open data.


  • Understand basic GIS and machine learning modules useful in python.
  • How to execute basic exploration of geographical data.
  • Some tips on using GIS modules.

Attendee skill level: Some basic understanding of python and programming. I can devote the first minutes helping people install the needed modules.

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11:10 AM11:10

IoT, Wavelets and Machine Learning in the Smart Home @ Scale By the Bay 2017


The smart home, driven by AI is a quickly developing sector. Security in the home is a hot sub-sector of the smart home. 

This talk will focus on a project that uses vibration sensors, wavelet transformations, and machine learning techniques to perform identification and intruder detection in the home. 

This talk will focus on:

  • the sensor considerations and the HW stack, 
  • upgrading the project from a python to a spark stack, and 
  • an examination of the data from raw input through the wavelet transformations. 


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